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About Us

We’re a solution based creative agency that focuses on building awareness, to create action, to take you to your next level.

Our Mission

Changing perspectives by communicating the value of creativity, bridging the gap between success and failure.

Love.    Communication.    Excellence.    Creativity.


Meet the Team


Noah Wilburn

Noah Wilburn is an eccentric visionary who’s always looking to break the norm and do something different. Starting I Am creative in February of 2020, Noah recruited his partner Isaac Applegate to set off and create a business that would not only change businesses and revenue, but also change lives. His favorite quote is, “it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish”.



Isaac Applegate

After working on freelancing jobs together, Noah approached Isaac about being a partner in this crazy business venture called I Am Creative. Having always loved film, but never seeing a true career in it, Isaac pursued the business development and sales world for 7 years. When his calling shifted, he went back to school and saw the vision for a company like IAC. A company that wasn’t just in for a quick buck, but one that brings real value, both to those working with IAC and those IAC has the privilege to serve.

Proverbs 3:5-6



Gator Suaerz

As a videographer at I Am Creative, Suaerz' passion for film extends beyond the basics as one of his goals is solving problems through new methods. Gator discovered his passion for filmmaking during an elective class and quickly realized filmmaking was something he needed to do in his life. Filmmaking has allowed Gator to take a big step into a world many would never. He arrives at every project with the same ferocious intensity as day one. He does not expect himself or those around him to take an easy, less creative way out. His opinions will always favor the fresher and most innovative of ideas.