About us

I Am Creative is a solution-based creative agency that focuses on building awareness, to create action, and take you to your next level.


We believe in social responsibility because we’re not just making things for the world—we are part of it too.
We don’t just want to sell our clients products or services; we want to help them grow their business by helping them build relationships with their customers through marketing strategies that matter.

Mission Statement and Values

Changing perspectives by communicating the value of creativity, bridging the gap between success and failure.

Love.    Communication.    Excellence.    Creativity.


Noah Wilburn, CEO

Noah Wilburn is an eccentric visionary who’s always looking to break the norm and do something different. Starting I Am creative in February of 2020, Noah recruited his partner Isaac Applegate to set off and create a business that would not only change businesses and revenue, but also change lives. His favorite quote is, “it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish”.


Isaac Applegate, COO

After working on freelancing jobs together, Noah approached Isaac about being a partner in this crazy business venture called I Am Creative. Having always loved film, but never seeing a true career in it, Isaac pursued the business development and sales world for 7 years. When his calling shifted, he went back to school and saw the vision for a company like IAC. A company that wasn’t just in for a quick buck, but one that brings real value, both to those working with IAC and those IAC has the privilege to serve.

Proverbs 3:5-6


Dominic Goldberg, Creative

At a young age Dominic realized that film would be his forte. Being self taught for years he picked up TV production in high school to refine his skills before going on to receive a bachelor degree in Video Production and Multimedia from Santa Fe College. Dominic takes great care to have an understanding of every facet of film production to ensure all the pieces work together to convey the best story. On his own he has worked on many creative films, social media advertisements, professional YouTube productions, various freelanced projects, and even a Netflix docu-series. Now at I Am Creative, Dominic is eager to work with the team to bring your story to life.


Jack Nelson, Creative

Jack is a 20 year old Gainesville based designer, photographer, videographer, and creator. Passionate about creating unique, creative, visual solutions to satisfy the needs of businesses and individuals of all shapes and sizes. Jack has been a creator in the medium of graphic design for the last 9 years, photography for 6, and videography for 5. He is constantly seeking new ways to provide exciting content to clients and personally invests himself into every project he take's on.


Brad Roberts, Drone Pilot + UCreate Editor

With a passion for storytelling and the creative process, Brad Roberts enjoys helping clients share their stories through quality drone photography and videography. It wasn’t until after Brad graduated from the police academy that he discovered his true passion in drone work and video editing.