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UF Mover Guys

UF Mover Guys is the #1 rated moving company in Central Florida. Based out of Gainesville, UF Mover Guys has a professional moving staff and years of experience. Moving can cause problems without proper help, the trusted professionals at UF Mover Guys have the strength and knowledge to safely move all of your possessions or trash.


This Central Florida moving company provides all-inclusive moving services that are unmatched by the competition.

UF Mover Guys came to I Am creative with the challenge of increasing the amount of leads that came through Facebook. Before they came to us, they had zero inbound leads from social media (save the few random messages they'd get) and no online presence/branding visible to the public eye. We recognized that in order for people to use your service, they needed to first trust you. So we got to work. 

We started by creating content centered around frequently asked questions, comments, and concerns that people have when searching for a moving company.
When someone asks you to buy your product, and you say no, it's usually because you don't need it, don't have the money for it, or don't know about it!
We made sure to address people in every category...well Brad made sure, we just created the content tbh. 
So with content like that being created, we then used these content pieces in advertising campaigns.
We had to sit down with Brad and Jordan to figure out who it is that they were going for and what their ideal taget audience was. 

Our video ad funnel worked. They loved what we put together, and increased their summer revenue by 10%.
For $1,000 of ad spend, these aren't bad numbers! 
What did we learn. 
1. Great content + Great Targeting = Results
2. Be Patient 
3. Spend money to make money. That's how this advertising game works. 
4. Call I Am creative, we'll get you right. :)

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