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I Am Case Study

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Our Goal For Beau Beery | Realtor

As a creative agency that specializes in video advertising. We consult, create, and then advertise to generate real return on investment for all kinds of industries.


Our goal was to produce videos for social advertising and overall brand awareness. Our brand awareness objective for Beau Beery, was to position him as the "Multifamily Guy" to have a more substantial online presence with potential investors. We wanted to decrease the amount of time (from interest to closing) for his contracts, bring in more offers, and increase his online visibility.

Case Study Summary:

Looking for a reason to invest in your personal brand? Look no further. 


Enter in, Beau Beery. Real estate agent that specializes in the multifamily home market. Super niched..which makes it imperative to stand out. 


In real estate, transactions come from handshakes, but before a handshake, you have to build a relationship with people. In order to build that relationship, you have to be visible and genuine, and that's exactly what we helped Beau Beery visibly genuine. 


If you ever met Beau (which you probably haven't) you'll know that he enjoys Porsche, good food, family, comedy, and quality work. Armed with this information, we set out to create productions to increase attention on the listings he was marketing out to the groups/networks of investors he was involved in. 


Our goal with creating these videos was not to just showcase the listing, but to attract the right people to Beau. Once qualified, Beau would send the information the investors needed in order to make a decision. 


Working with Beau, we were able to decrease the amount of time (from interest to closing) for his contracts, bringing in more offers for him, and overall increasing his online visibility.


We realize that you can't win over every person.  But if you decide to be brave enough, to step out of the traditional professionalism mannerism, you can win over the right person. 

The Problem

  1. No Brand awareness

  2. No clear brand messaging/tone 

  3. No content to showcase different listings

Our Creative Solution

  1. Create listing tour videos that position Beau Beery as the guide of the video, allowing viewers to be roped into not just the analytics of the property being shown, but the story of it. 

  2. Push on social media/Youtube increasing awareness and solidifying Beau's position as the "Multifamily Guy"


  1. Watch time

  2. Speed of transactions

  3. Increase of transactions

  4. Increase in opportunity

  5. Social/Youtube growth

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