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Consult, Create, Advertise, Report

"CCAR" is our all-inclusive content creation and advertising service that is designed to get your message in front of your target audience.

How it Works



Our team will help to identify your business's message and target audience. We will then collaborate to develop the best method to convey and later advertise your message through a planning session.

What you'll get:

Brand Discovery, Shoot Date(s), Food and Drinks Provided



On location, our team will arrive and set up equipment for the shoot. Then we'll brief everyone on their responsibilities during filming to ensure the production aligns with the vision of the project.

What you'll get:

Draft(s) for Approval, Ability to Revise Content*, Final Deliverable(s)



After receiving approval for the content we've created, we will begin to launch and manage your social media video ads. Throughout the duration of your campaign, we will actively adjust your advertising strategy to maximize your ROI.



While your advertising campaigns are ongoing, we will regularly connect with you to share and report analytics such as views, clicks, shares, comments, likes, and other engagement.

What you'll get:

Regular Check-ins to Report Analytics

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