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I Am Creative Partners

Join our I Am Creative Partner Program today and jump into a world of stress-free, personalized video advertising that we guarantee will take your business's marketing to the next level

Who is the partner program for?

We're thrilled to offer our Partner Program for businesses looking to elevate their marketing strategies and develop a long-term relationship with one of the most dependable creative agencies in this industry.


What do you get from the
partner program?

I Am Creative Partners have access to unlimited video creation*, raw footage, a communication outlet with our editing team, and an ads management team.

Additionally, our partner program uses a retainer-based pricing structure that ensures we can focus on your needs completely and deliver high quality work.

When will we work together?

Aside from working together in the field, we will meet or call bi-weekly to go over each month's expectations and projects. In addition, you will receive a weekly agenda by email and monthly report from our project manager so you will always have access to up-to-date project information and analytics.


Where do we offer our partner program?

We currently offer our Creative Partner Program to businesses anywhere in Florida and look forward to expanding our reach in the future.

Why choose us?

I Am Creative is comprised of a diverse set of individuals with unique content creation skills. We strive to create a worry-free production process and content that is engaging for your audience.

Additionally, clients love our retainer pricing structure because it removes the burden of figuring out how much each project will cost. This allows us more time for creative content creation instead!

Work with us

How do we get started?

Ready to come on board? Book a call with us so we can start enhancing your marketing approach today

What are Creative Production hours?

Creative Production hours are the amount of hours available at your budget each month for video production and creative consultation.

The more time you spend with us, the better we can develop your marketing strategy.

Video Production Hours
Unlimited video creation

How many hours is enough?

Determining how many hours is enough varies from client-to-client. While we recommend allowing as many hours as possible to give you the best experience, we understand that this isn't necessary for everyone.

A good rule of thumb is, businesses that are looking to do one or two videos per month that do not require a ton of resources or locations work better with less hours.

On the other hand, businesses that are looking to do many videos each month or videos that require many resources or locations will need more hours allocated.


Production time and budget calculator

Use this calculator to determine the maximum number of Creative Production hours* available at your budget and your total monthly marketing budget for the cost of video production and ad spend.

Budget Calculator
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