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I Am Case Study

Changing perspectives by communicating the value of creativity, bridging the gap between success and failure

Our Goal For Advanced Building Concept

As a creative agency that specializes in video advertising. We consult, create, and then advertise to generate real return on investment for all kinds of industries.


Our goal was to produce videos that could be placed on the website and used for social advertising. We also had a brand awareness objective, for ABC to have a stronger online presence with people engaging with the different ads (leaving comments, sharing, etc.). We wanted to produce 1 great lead monthly for someone interested in building custom homes.


Google Advertising 

  • Budget: $1,680 

  • Impressions: 68,000

  • AVG CPC: $1.19

  • New Visitors: 3,021

  • Paid Traffic Visitors: 1,087

  • Qualified Leads: 8 



  • Budget: $1,247 

  • Link Clicks: 2,108

  • People Reached: 44,400

  • Post Saves: 31 

  • Reactions: 190

  • Shares: 18



  • Budget: $816.04

  • Leads: 3

  • Impressions: 21,662

  • Clicks: 185

  • AVG CPC: $4.41 

Case Study Summary:

With google and facebook pixels installed, we were able to retarget potential prospects with content like a custom home tour, about us, and a flashy banner showcasing the different houses ABC has built. 

To be noted, the economy, real estate market, and even stock market affect the ads industry quite heavily. As an  agency, it's our job to study these trends and understand/communicate how this will affect video campaigns we set for our clients. 

Luxury construction in the Gainesville market is very small, with even a smaller number of was important to highlight why ABC was different to the average home builder, the biggest difference being they are completely custom. 

Which means that out of an already small pool of people, we had an even smaller target to find (instead of a needle in a haystack, try a needle in the city of gainesville.) We knew we needed to not just be in front of their prospect, but to really build a relationship with them. 

As of now, out of the 12 qualified opportunities developed for them, only 3 have made it to the office, and only 2 have made it to the final contract. 

This operation was very personal, and we have continued to make it our business to generate qualified opportunities on the front end, but also develop content on the back end. 

This is where we created an idea to make 3 different types of email videos...

1. Thanks for booking a meeting

2. Thanks for showing up to the second meeting

3. Thanks for signing, here's how the process works. 

We also started the process of creating a mini docu series to showcase the clients journey (think extreme home makeover but more personal and less scripted), with this content, our plan was to use it for retargeting content for the leads we had received through our ads. Showing them what it would like for them in a real, raw way. (And entertaining) 


But don't take our word for it, here's what they said about us...

Ready to Get Creative?

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