Our past projects


Polar Baer

Polar Baer is a dating app that strays away from the traditional practices of other competing apps. Polar Baer's key feature is matching people that are within close proximity to one another, as opposed to any distance. In this commercial spot we created, we brought together a bunch of different personalities to explain the frustration of other dating apps, and why Polar Baer is the best solution to their problems.

Branding Video

MatchMaker Realty

A real estate brokerage dedicated to finding the perfect match for their customer, MatchMaker Realty is dedicated to working as hard as they can to make sure you find the place to call home. Matchmaker approached us with the question, how do we communicate to people our core values and who we are? After going through our personalized Discovery Session, we were able to create a piece of content that can not only be used for multiple purposes, but that can be shown for years to come...a foundational video. 


Welcome To Gainesville

In order to grow a community, you have to show what makes it so great to live in. Our approach for the client who commisioned us was to not only showcase the unique spots in Gainesville, Florida...but to also tell the story of a person who moved to Gainesville. This piece is designed for connection between the viewer and the character of the story, bringing the viewer on an adventure that spurs them to learn more. 


Ansley Terrace

Ansley Terrace was an apartment complex looking to stand out and bring on new tenants. We sat down with them and brainstormed the best reasons to live at this apartment complex, created two characters (a guide and a protagonist), added a couple of corny one liners in, and voila! Through this video, we were able to discover the brand voice and tone of Ansley Terrace so they can better interact with their audience.


Beau Beery Vlog

No idea is too whacky and no idea is impossible. That’s part of I Am Creative's mindset when entering each project. When we met Beau Beery, we had no idea how much of a treat we were in for. Take a look at what stepping outside of the norms of marketing looks like. Beery closed the deal featured in this video in half the time it would’ve taken him doing what he normally does. After seeing the ROI, Beau hasn’t stopped trusting I Am Creative with his marketing needs since!