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Hootsuite Scheduling: Don’t use it for Facebook

Many companies opt to use third-party platforms for scheduling such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social. While these programs are convenient, we’re going to chat a little about why they could actually be hurting your content more than helping it, especially on Facebook.

We talked about the Facebook algorithm last week, and there are still many layers to peel back. The new and improved 2020 algorithm, is a lot to take in and we’re still learning everything it can do. But, the Facebook algorithm favors the Facebook platform, and with the newly launched Creator Studio, it’s easier than ever to schedule content in advance right on the app. Facebook sometimes penalizes content and doesn’t show it in the timeline if you use an auto-scheduler outside of the platform. It’s already hard enough to get exposure naturally for a small business. Using another outside platform could only be hurting you rather than helping. If possible, make your posts in real-time, this optimizes your content and opportunity for reach. Even better, invest, and create quality content for Facebook ads. That’s what generates leads.

Another reason to avoid Hootsuite or another third-party platform is that sometimes the post preview isn’t completely accurate. What might show up on one platform could show up differently on Facebook, whether that’s the quality of the picture or video or the spacing of the caption. It’s also difficult to preview links correctly through Hootsuite. With a platform not being 100% reliable with posts, as a social media manager or business owner, you have to check-in and make sure your content went live without a flaw. This gets repetitive and becomes a chore. If you schedule in advance on Creator Studio or post in real-time, this is never an issue.

Sometimes, the link between Hootsuite and your Facebook account needs to be reactivated and your posts won’t publish. Remember how important consistency is with social media? If a tool that’s supposed to help you with consistent posting isn’t, then why keep it? And Hootsuite isn’t free. The free version is not optimized for business accounts and has limitations of one user, 30 scheduled posts, and three social media platforms. With so many other scheduling tools available including a free one provided on the Facebook platform, Hootsuite isn’t the best choice for a Facebook business account.

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