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Influencer Marketing in 2021

It’s 2021 and it’s time to chat about a very important subject. Let’s talk about all things content creation, outsourcing, and influencer marketing. 10 years ago the job of an influencer didn’t even exist. There were YouTubers and celebrities getting PR packages and free things that seemed untouchable to an everyday person. But influencer marketing truly is the future of marketing. There are different levels of influencer marketing, but let’s break it down.

We have the celebrity influencers, the Kardashians of the world, the influencers with anywhere from 5-50 million followers with an expansive reach. These are the people you can Google and they’ll come up because they’re well known on the Internet for doing something BIG. Either they’re born famous, know the right people, or have talent. Endorsements for celebrities come at a hefty price and they typically have the lowest engagement rate. Many celebrities that promote a product only do it for the paycheck. The next tier of influencers are macro-influencers or people with over 500K followers. They have a large audience for a specific purpose. They have dedicated followers and a specific influencer whether that’s food or fashion or something else. They work with many different brands and are usually verified on social media. Next are mid-tier influencers with 100K to 500K followers. These influencers have much higher engagement rates than those with larger audiences and have a lot of trust with their audiences. They really only work with brands they are passionate about. Finally, we have micro-influencers, with less than 100k. These are the influencers with the most dedicated audiences and highest engagement rates. The smaller the online community, the more trustworthy and tight-knit they are. In recent years, the category of nano-influencer has also come about. These are people with less than 10K followers. The smaller the influencer, the more niche and specific they are. They’ll work with brands for a lower rate and will often have a higher return of investment on a campaign.

We’ve talked all about size, but there’s so much more to influencer marketing than that. The term content creator has been used more frequently in recent years because the term “influencer” is so overused. With micro and nano-influencers gaining popularity with brands in recent years, anyone can become an influencer. Many influencers have become calling themselves content creators and bloggers rather than influencers due to the negative connotations with the term. It’s all about perspective and how you look at it, but there are multiple phrases for essentially the same job. Brands pay people to promote them online, create content for their social media platforms and ads. Like any other service, it’s a paid gig. Just for something bigger with a purpose.

What value does this influencer marketing thing bring to your brand? Your small local business that can only dream of paying a Jenner to promote your product? It’s important to understand the industry and recognize the value of it. Local micro-influencers are a thing. And they might bring you more value than you realize. Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere, people truly can create their own income online. Getting paid to promote the products and services you already like? That’s living the dream; and millions of people do it every day. As a business owner, it’s time to get on board and start utilizing the marketing force right in front of you. Lean with it, rock with it; it’s the future.

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