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Let’s Chat about Video Content

Video marketing is all about moving parts. It brings the best of your business or personal brand to light and shares it with your customers. It’s 2021, and your traditional social media marketing with photos and graphics isn’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time to step things up and talk to your audience. Video is going to give them what they want.

92% of marketers say that video content is an important part of their marketing strategy in 2020. This has grown from just 78% in 2015. With many marketing campaigns shifting to almost or fully digital, video engages more with audiences. The Buggles were right: Video really did kill the radio star. While traditional advertising like radio, TV commercials and door-to-door sales aren’t going to end, a pandemic changed a lot of marketing strategies for many companies: big and small. And for a lot of people, that meant creating video content to occupy their restless customers in quarantine.

Why is video so powerful? 88% of marketers report that video content has a higher ROI. You put a smaller amount of time or money into creating a video and your revenue outweighs that initial investment. Customer sentiments towards video marketing have changed. While once upon a time people did not want to scroll on social media and watch long videos, now it captivates customers. Audiences connect better with businesses through video. In 2021, it is predicted that the average consumer will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos. Watch times have increased by 19% since 2019. One year can change a lot. Short-form video has also skyrocketed in popularity with the overnight sensation of TikTok and now Instagram Reels competing for the attention. If you create videos or hire someone to create marketing videos for your company, they will do well. It just depends on which platform you choose and how the videos are executed.

Have more questions about video content? Shoot us an email or DM and we’d be happy to help or set up a consultation! Videography is one of our specialties and it can truly change your marketing on social media and beyond.,part%20of%20their%20marketing%20strategy.&text=Well%2C%20according%20to%2088%25%20of,videos%20is%20much%20stronger%20now.

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