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PSA: TikTok is here to stay

As much as change 2020 has been brought, from a pandemic, an election year, to working from home, one thing hasn’t changed. Gen Z and many other people are STILL obsessed with TikTok, the short-form video app that reached overnight popularity in 2019. Formerly and owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, the app has millions of creators going viral from popular dances to recipes to real estate. The popularity of video hasn’t changed, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So watch out Reels, TikTok is here to stay.

Although it seemed for a time, TikTok might be banned in the U.S for security purposes. as it was in India at the end of the summer, the U.S. based company is in the process of changing ownership. TikTok is here to stay and Gen Z took a huge sigh of relief. It seemed everyone and their brother’s mother downloaded the app over quarantine and took the opportunity to have some fun, learn some dances, and embarrass themselves online. But others, including small business owners, real estate agents, and influencers worked and built an online following. They channeled that online traffic from TikTok to other forms of social media, and they took off. The fact of the matter is that you have a much greater chance of going viral on TikTok than any other online platform. You can go to bed one night with 100 followers and wake up with 300,000 likes and comments and thousands of new followers. It’s such a niche app and the FYP (for you page) is so accurate that the opportunities are endless. It gives new meaning to the term “TikTok famous”.

But TikTok for your business is a whole different matter. TikTok has an ad platform, but it’s typically for larger companies with large budgets. For smaller businesses, creating ads isn’t the key to gaining online sales or website traffic. It’s creating videos for your niche market. There are so many different sides of TikTok, you can spend hours scrolling and come across someone selling apartments in New York City, modeling a new clothing line for a southern boutique, creating a DIY home decor item, or telling a crazy story. You have to find what kind of video works well for you and duplicate it. And please, don’t forget to use hashtags. It’s honestly a game of chance at times, but you have to try different kinds of videos to find what works well for your audience. And when you build an audience on TikTok, it translates to other platforms.

Got more questions about TikTok? It’s alright we all do. Luckily, we have an in-house TikTok Rep (hehe) so feel free to ask away. And don’t be afraid to shoot us a DM, email, and we can keep spilling the tea.

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