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Social Media 101: Pinterest for your Business?

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media platform in the United States and many businesses have absolutely NO IDEA. In the year 2018, the platform grew globally by 38% and the ad revenue on the site skyrocketed. Pinterest is known for its center of creativity, gathering of ideas, small business owners, and the ever-popular Pinterest moms. But the site is a lot more than just arts and crafts and home decor. With the only visual search option available for social media platforms, Pinterest is only going to continue to grow in 2021and beyond.

While Pinterest moms might be a percentage of the people using the app, it’s not the entire audience. This is a network with the opportunity to reach women (two-thirds!). Many of the users are moms but this is a key statistic. If you are selling HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS and SERVICES and not using Pinterest, then you are limiting your business potential. Women are the primary decision-makers when it comes to the household and this is where you can capture this audience when they’re trying to decide what recipe to make for dinner and how to decorate for fall.

People also use Pinterest to shop for specific items. Remember the visual search option? Say you were scrolling through Instagram and one of your favorite influencers had an item of clothing you were dying for but they forgot to tag the brand. Take a screenshot, upload it, and similar ones will pop up. That’s the power of visual search. Searching by image allows for brands to link their shops right to the platform. Many shoppers also do product research on Pinterest. They look for specific products and make purchases based on other people’s opinions and product availability. If they pin something, that brand gets more exposure for their products. It’s a great platform to find new brands for users and reach new audiences for businesses.

Pinterest has come a long way since the days of just sharing arts and crafts and recipes. It’s a powerful business tool many small (and large!) businesses are sleeping on. Pinterest is a place to inspire people but also grow your business effectively. You just need to take the plunge.

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