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Social Media for your Small Business

The thing about local businesses is that typically you only serve customers in your town right? Wrong! In 2020, so many smaller businesses have branched out of their normal geographic location due to online traffic. While we understand that your coffee shop isn’t going to be getting customers dining in-store from three states away, that doesn’t mean your homemade coffee can’t be shipped across the country with branded mugs. Your business is what you make it, and many small business owners are not reaching their full potential.

We’ve seen small shop owners blow up on TikTok and sell out their inventory within two days. Small Etsy shop owners can’t keep up with their merchandise and have to make customers wait weeks for a custom jewelry piece. Why do people want to support small businesses? Simply because they’re small businesses and the people who run them are more passionate about what they do. If there’s anything good about this pandemic, it’s that people are more supportive of each other when we’re all going through the same thing. When the world was in lockdown and people shifted to more online shopping, people were more willing to spend money to support a smaller local business than a larger corporation. Because people became innovative and found new ways to make money. Whether that was going full time in jewelry making, opening a tie-dye shop on Instagram, or operating their restaurant with take-out only. WE ADAPTED. When the world said nope, small business owners said, “you thought”. And they did it all on social media.

But, here’s the truth of the matter. Not all small businesses blow up on TikTok or gain traction from posting consistently and using hashtags. That’s where social media advertising comes in. You might be wondering, “What the heck is TikTok? Is that what the kids are using nowadays?” In a sense, yes, but we don’t just use TikTok. We use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. But we use these as tools beyond simply posting. We use social media as tools to grow and business and also bring in more leads. Most small businesses may have social media accounts, but they’re not reaching their full potential. Without social media advertising, you’re only speaking to your dedicated customers. While it’s important to network and keep up with these customers, the ultimate goal is to bring in more customers every single month. That’s where we come in.

We’re a social media and content creation agency. We have the skills, expertise, and experience to create a social media presence (if you don’t already have one) and a marketing plan catered to your business. By taking advantage of everything social media has to offer, we can maximize your exposure online, bring in new clients, and turn your small business into a bigger one. We will create a specific plan for your social media ads including monthly campaigns, analytics reports, and results of your growth. We’re here for you and we want to be there alongside your business, cheering you on as you continue to grow.

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