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The Benefits of Using Social Media for Real Estate Marketing

So I hear you’re in the real estate business. Maybe you’re a new realtor, or maybe you own a brokerage firm and you’ve been in the business for years. Or maybe you're an investor. In whatever stage of the process you may be in, social media marketing for your business is a must. And we’re going to be chatting about all things social media and how it can make you money and increase your exposure to the people you want it to.

What are some of the benefits of using social media marketing? Well, you definitely reach an increased audience in comparison to the traditional method of handing out flyers and advertising on your website. The difference with using social media is that instead of your customers coming to you, you come to your customers. With social media ads and specific analytics, social media is the place for lead generation. Maybe some people saw an ad for a house you just listed, they loved the videos, and then they came to your open house. It finds customers and brings them to you. Another benefit is that social media helps build up your brand as a real estate professional. Many realtors have a handle specifically for their business and there they showcase all of the homes they have handled in the past and currently have on the market. They often include client testimonials and beautiful photos of happy customers in their new homes. By creating this content, it builds up your brand whether you’re a realtor or a brokerage firm. Finally, the networking opportunities on social media compare to no other. Especially in the current times, your online network of like-minded real estate professionals are there to support you and your business online. The people you connect with online comment on your posts, refer their customers to you if you have better opportunities for them, and support your business. They want you to do the same for them.

Now that we’ve convinced you that social media is a MUST, let’s move on into some practices on social that will help you jumpstart your business. The first thing is staying consistent on a platform (or two) that you have made connections with or that is easy to share on. For many realtors, this is Facebook and Instagram. By connecting the two platforms, the content can be shared to both easily. Another successful platform used by many realtors this year has been TikTok. The chances of going viral on this app are higher than any other form of social media and traffic from TikTok can be sent to Instagram and Facebook. But whatever you choose, make sure you are dedicated to creating content for that platform. Another great tip is varying your content on social media. While everyone wants to see your properties, don’t just post pictures of houses all day every day. Include fun graphics with client testimonials, industry news, and interview other real estate professionals. Show photos of customer success stories and share company milestones. All in all, bring as much value as you can to your consumer. Also, PLEASE feature your realtors! Shoutouts go a long way and sharing audiences is a YES! And, yes, include beautiful photos of your properties, of course. But don’t keep doing the same thing. Don’t forget about the other aspects of social media like Instagram stories and Facebook/IG Live and IGTV. These video platforms can show longer tours of specific properties that new customers may want to view to get a sense of your brand before they tour a house or come into the office.

Well, we’ve covered the basics of social media marketing for real estate. But, that’s only the beginning. There are endless possibilities in social media marketing, especially in the real estate industry. And we’re kind of experts on the subject. Stay tuned for more tips coming your way.

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