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The New Instagram Algorithm and why we HATE her

Creators, agencies, brands, and everyday people alike have noticed the new Instagram algorithm. With the recent release of Reels to compete with the ever-popular TikTok, Instagram has been pushing out more content more than others, mainly Reels. For influencers and brands with pre-planned content, this is extremely frustrating. When you have months of scheduled content that has to be rethought, replanned, and with little knowledge of Reels until the release date, this is a major roadblock. So that’s why we're going to chat about the new algorithm and some pointers that can help you continue to create the content you want to and how to overcome the low engagement rates.

Brands are freaking out as much as they did when Facebook changed their algorithm in 2018 (go back a few blog posts and read all about that one it was fun!). Instagram changed its algorithm back in 2016 from chronological to prioritizing specific moments. Everyone freaked out then and everyone is freaking out now. Basically, engagement is down big time. Like low low. Instagram is not pushing out the same content it did a few months ago and content is only being shown to a small percentage of the followers. Hashtags are not making the difference they did a few months ago. And when you work hard to create content to sell your product or service, that is FRUSTRATING. It may seem like all your hard work is down the drain. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to outsmart Instagram.

One thing that we keep jumping back to is consistency. If you’re continually posting consistently, then it’s unlikely that you’ll lose followers and/or engagement if it’s the content they like to see. If your content is on par, so will your engagement, and algorithm changes won’t mean anything. Another tip is changing your content quality, if you take photos of your products, try a camera instead of your iPhone, or hire a professional for a studio or content session. Gather your content and plan what you want to do in advance. Start consistently posting on stories, stay connected on more day to day moments with your audiences. They’re nosy and they want to know what you’re doing. Publish videos- in your feed, on IGTV, on Reels, everywhere. VIDEO DOES WELL. On almost any social media platform, your engagement is going to be higher on videos than photos. Go live more often and chat with your followers. Answer their questions, hold weekly chats, and invite guest speakers. Do whatever you need to do to get more PERSONAL. Finally, do research on your posting times. Check your damn analytics people. If you don’t know when your content is going to do best, then you’re making a mistake. Stay on top of your stuff and be consistent.

Alright, that’s enough rambling about the new Instagram algorithm for one day. But don’t worry, together we’re going to master this new task and take it by storm. We’re going to teach you how to monetize your business using social media and how to become really good at it.

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