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We are Creative.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Earlier today I was having a conversation with my partner about an experience I had with a potential client. The experience consisted of the potential client not understanding who we were as a business! They mistakenly thought we were just a bunch of freelancers running around like chickens when in reality, we’re a very well oiled machine that works as a team. Now, in this situation, whose fault is it that someone assumed that we weren’t as put together we actually are? If you’re saying it’s our fault well then you're damn right. YES, I know, as a business owner, it was a great lesson for me. What is the lesson? Well, no matter how much work you’re getting, or how busy you might be, you can never put off branding and establishing who you are as a business entity. Surprisingly, you’ll see a lot of motivational talks about the “why” which involves your mission statement, your motivation, the hoorah that gets your team going. With the who, it’s more so about who you are. Who are you? Well, we are a creative agency, (The second statement that you’ll see is the what), that uses video production and social media strategy to make people money. That is who we are (and what we do). Now, there’s a lot more to who we are then just that one simple statement...and this is where people usually trip up, let me explain. The who you are is one of the most vital parts of your business, there are three items to consider: tone, people, and creativity. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but each of these categories has a lot that goes into them, let’s break them down. Tone So, when people are talking to someone, you can figure out pretty quickly how someone is feeling based on their tone of voice. Now, obviously, that’s easy to do in person, because you can HEAR it. Now, online, on the other hand, you can’t hear anything, (unless it's a video, more on that later). Here’s a scenario, someone goes to your website, they are reading your description on a product you’re selling, stop scene. Everyone reads with a voice in their head, don’t believe me? You’re doing it right now, yep, hello, it’s me! Play scene, your potential customer is reading a product you offer. I’m going to give you two options on what they are reading in their head… This product can change your life! We helped Sally with this product and she was ABSOLUTELY amazed by what it did! We’re so happy to have helped Sally, now let us help you! OR

This product will change your life. We helped Sally with this product and she was satisfied with what it did. We helped Sally, now we can help you. Which one resonates better with you? Here’s the crazy part, there’s no right answer, want to know why? It’s because there’s nothing wrong with either of them, some business tones are super uplifting and joyful, and some are more direct and straight to the point. Crazy right? So, here’s the point, your business tone is something vital to understand and figure out, because without a set, CONSISTENT tone, you’re going to have everyone all over the place.

People This one is a no brainer, people are super important because everyone wants to know who they are going to be dealing with, especially if it’s a service-based industry! For example, we had a client that was involved with air conditioning, one of the first things he told me was, I want my guys to be presented on camera in the most professional way possible. Why? Because he knew the importance of the appearance of his people, you can’t show up to a client's house ready to work in pajamas. You need a uniform, to be clean-cut, and ready to go. People want to work with brands that they can relate to and trust. If I look like I’m dressed to rob your house while I move your furniture, you’re probably not going to want to let me inside, right? Also, every type of company needs to do this, because it’s great for introducing key players that work inside the company. Outlining positions and introducing who runs those positions is key to creating the team and the rallying point for people to get behind. Giving a face behind the voice is the key to building up trust between the consumer and the brand! Creativity Now that you know who you're going to be exposing and what to focus on when it comes to your brand, you’re going to be wondering HOW to do it. There’s a couple of options, let's explore them. One, hire a company (like us) to do it for you, we pride ourselves in taking a client's idea and bringing it to life using video and social media management to increase attention and make you more money. With our skill sets, we’ll save you time, money, energy, stress, etc. Trust us, if you want it done well, hire us...ok ok ok enough self-promoting geez. If you have no budget to hire someone (like us “wink”), then here are some ways to do it on your own. Go Live Going live is so underrated, people are starting to catch on, but don’t have the patience for it, but if you are building a brand, promoting something, or having a one-on-one, go live. People love that “in the moment” type feeling, it makes them feel like they are a part of something, which they are, and it’s great, cause it shows how real you actually are. Use Your Phone

Nowadays, you can honestly make such a great video with an iPhone 7, look up some tutorials on YouTube, and get started. A phone stand might help as well because then your hands are free to interact with the audience. If you want to level up, get some lights, it’ll make you look even more professional. Tic for Tac

Nowadays, there's a lot of new entrepreneurs starting their business. The best thing in the world (and what helped me start my business) is doing tic for tac services. Everyone always has something to offer, so trade! Find a newer videographer and tell them you’ll trade them something for their services, depending on what it is, usually, an agreement can be made, and relationships can be built from there. It’s a fun way to not only grow your brand using video but also network with who’s around you, your network is your net worth! At the end of the day, communication is key to any successful business, without it, you fall apart. So start communicating, start building, start being creative. I don’t care what a guru online tells you, no one can start something successful from sitting on their couch, it doesn’t work. Lastly, consistency is key, it’ll take a long while, one because you don’t know what you’re doing more than likely, and two, that’s just life. Either way, it’s worth the wait, because when you reach that point, you’ll look back and say wow, what a ride, let’s keep going. You are creative.

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