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Update: The Instagram Shop Feature

The new Instagram Shop update was rolled out in early November of 2020, and to be quite honest, many creators are upset. Not only did Instagram release a new algorithm earlier this year with Reels, but the new Shop feature has also disrupted a lot of prior social media engagement. But for business owners, this new feature is changing business for the better. We’re going to chat about how this update affects your business, both positively and negatively on the gram.

When you open the newly updated Instagram app, you’ll see a shopping bag icon on the main menu on the bottom right. With options to “Shop Collections, Explore Guides, Browse Shops, and Buy on Instagram”, the update is every shopaholic's dream. Shopping directly right on your favorite app? Perfection. Everything is in one place. If you see something you like from your favorite brand, you don’t need to leave the app to make a purchase. The new update allows shopping from IGTV, IG Stories, and IG Live. From a business e-commerce perspective, this new feature is amazing. It allows businesses to more easily retarget their customers with ads, and roll out popular items. Shoppers can create wishlists, save favorites, and find inspiration more easily. For businesses, customer engagement on certain items and the likelihood of sales is more easily tracked. A huge reason Instagram has focused on this new feature is due to the increase in online shopping in 2020. With COVID-19 closing many smaller businesses, the shift to e-commerce has taken a huge leap. This feature is helping to boost online sales for many of these businesses and is powered by Facebook Pay. The Live Shopping Feature was recently rolled out on Facebook as well due to these e-commerce changes.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the new Instagram algorithm and why we HATE HER. While it looks awesome and has tons of new features, businesses and creators have been affected if they are not prioritizing Reels in their content. If you want to learn more about the new algorithm check out our post here. But, let’s chat about how the new IG Shop feature isn’t that great. For those not prioritizing Reels, your content is not being shown to the same audiences as before. Your new products, photos, and content are not getting the same engagement, views, and impressions before this update. While e-commerce might be booming for some companies, it’s negatively affecting others. Don’t forget, Instagram also takes a cut of every purchase made in the app. This update is a new stream of revenue for them. They’re prioritizing profit, not your small business. And their motives also lie along the lines of competing with the ever-popular TikTok; so Reels is not going away anytime soon.

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