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Professional video editing services right made easy

With our 100% stress free services, you'll never want to use your old video editing software again!

Unlimited Number Of Videos Per Month! 

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UCreate let's you enjoy the fun of shooting videos without all the hassle of editing

We're here to make your life easier and more productive. We provide a fast, professional editing service that can do all the work for you so can get back to doing the things you really enjoy.

Shared Desk

Have you been wondering how you can put out higher quality content to better represent your business?

Is UCreate right for me?

UCreate is a good fit if

Your videos are less than 20 minutes long


Your typical raw footage size is 20-40gb


You're a content creator/make videos for yourself or your business


You think of your working relationship with an editor as a creative collaboration


Have a clear vision of how you want your video to look


You have an existing backlog of videos to upload already


You shoot your own footage and need a bit of stock footage and templates


UCreate is not a good fit if

Your videos are longer than 20 minutes


Your typical raw footage size is over 40gb


You are an agency/make videos for businesses or other people


You prefer immediate interaction or micromanaging your video editor


You don't know what your video should look like


Your videos have a lot of animation and graphic design needs


You rely only on stock footage


Types of Videos We Edit

  • Talking Head

  • Green Screen

  • Event Footage

  • Interview

  • Home Video

  • Real Estate

  • Explainer Video

  • Vlog

  • Facebook Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Training Videos

  • Instagram Posts

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