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Video Production

Our Video Production service is designed for businesses that are seeking to create content for internal business operations or external marketing campaigns.

How it Works


Pre-Production Planning Session

Collaborate with our team to develop a plan that will help you achieve your vision, deliver on message and craft an engaging script.

What you'll get:

Shot List, Animation List, Storyboard, Shoot Schedule, Actor Recruiting, Project Management


Video Production

On location, our team will arrive and set up equipment for the shoot. Then we'll brief everyone on their responsibilities during filming to ensure the production aligns with the vision of the project.



Our editors will begin to put together your video after filming is complete. They'll match up the storyboard with what they have shot, color correct footage and add any music or other effects before sending over a final draft for feedback.

What you'll get:

Various Drafts to Select From, Ability to Revise, Final Deliverable

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